Following Arun’s passing in 2015, the Arun Verma Memorial Golf Tournament was created to honor him, while blending two of his passions: raising awareness regarding the impact of heart disease and playing golf with his dearest friends. Key staff at Galaxy Builders, including his sons, Neilesh and Manish, have collaborated to honor Arun’s legacy by continuing his work in the community, benefiting the American Heart Association.


The event has successfully raised $432,435 in donations for the American Heart Association over the past eight years. This annual event has allowed the American Heart Association to continue making an impact in our community with nearly 80 cents of every dollar going to research, education and community outreach.


“I was never engaged in golf before as I didn’t see it as a sport or very active. I volunteered at the first tournament and saw firsthand what it represented to the heart association and Arun’s legacy It was an extremely heart felt event, seeing all that show up to honor Arun and help contribute. After that first event and how humbling it was, I decided to try and take up golf. I can honestly say that it is an active sport and my perception has changed, seeing that it is a lot of running and trying to find the ball I hit. Thanks to this event and all the people who work so hard to coordinate it, I am now an active golfer and am getting more exercise than sometimes I want to. My only regret is that I should have taken up golfing much earlier so I could have played a round of golf with Arun.”

Mick Sidbury, Senior Project Manager

“From the first tournament 3 years ago, to this past one, I am very thankful to be a part of the team that puts this together. I am excited to see all of our sub-contractors come together and contribute to this wonderful cause. It is a time where we all put away our differences and come together as a family and enjoy the day. This means so much to me personally as I knew Arun way before being hired here at Galaxy Builders, Ltd. And will continue to honor and support him anyway I can.”

Sam Beierle, Estimator

“I never had the pleasure of working with Mr. Arun Verma, as he passed shortly before I started. However, without personally knowing Arun, I still feel like a part of his legacy. Daily, I get to reap the benefits of the seeds he sowed long before I became a part of Galaxy. Galaxy Builders, Ltd. is a family business and as an employee, you’re immediately adopted into the Galaxy family. So, at the now annual Arun Verma Memorial tournament we not only get to celebrate Galaxy’s “dad”, founder, we also get to continue Arun’s legacy by giving back to a cause that impacted his life and continues to impact so many others. It’s like our annual family reunion. And, a direct representation of Galaxy’s own “heart”

Nicole Braddock, Controller

“Often, when someone dies, family and friends pay tribute to their lives by doing something worthwhile and meaningful. The Golf Tournament is a place to remember Arun. It’s a perfect way to celebrate his life and cherish the memories we have. Making Subcontractors and Clients a huge part of this event gives it even more meaning because the funds raised at this event, for the American Heart Association, will benefit future patients and their families for years to come. If the funds raised can prevent one less death, all the hard work is worth it. We can help make a difference!

I would hope that we would continue this commitment and passion of Giving in Memory of Arun K. Verma for many years to come. I know that he would be thrilled that he is remembered this way. Let’s continue his legacy that he himself was a very giving person.”

Clara Cordova, Office Manager

“The tournament is an excellent way to honor a wonderful man that taught us so much! We hold his memory dearly in our hearts!”

Linda Wilson, Project Administrator